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What are the disadvantages of contact lenses?

Right now I am using glasses for my eyesight, but feeling little uncomfortable. Now I am planning to have contact lenses. Is it ok to shift from glasses to lenses? Which type of lenses is suitable for my eyes. Please tell me in detail.

As you said, now you're using glasses for your eyes. Now you want to use contacts for your eyes. But when you use contact lenses you need to be hygienic. Because you are going to use the lenses for a long time in a day and lenses will be kept in a very sensitive area of the body. You cannot use lenses for a long time in a day and couldn't sleep having lenses. If you sleep with lenses then oxygen supply to the pupil will reduce. This can cause eye infections.

Sometimes contact lenses can lead to allergies we call it as allergic conjunctivitis. Some people find itching in the eyes for wearing contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are very safe to wear and you will find daily disposable and monthly disposables. So the bottom line suggestion is you should be very careful while using contact lenses.


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