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How to get rid of fear of failure?

I am a small job holder, earning a little, I'm an MBA graduate, I had a lot of dreams about my life. I wanted to do a lot of things in my life, but I am unable to do anything to fulfill my dreams. I have property and was thought to start a business, but I am not getting ready to start. I was scared of If I lose the business then what about my family. This fear of failure never allows me to to do anything. I am a well talented and skilled person. But when I wanted to start something new I cannot go forward. How to get rid of my fear? Please help.  

I appreciate your confidence towards your skill and work. Remember, whenever you're going to do or to start something new, it is very common to get fear of failure.

Probably, I think you have already imagined the family situation, unfortunately, if you lost your business. When you really want to do something new then surely you have to take the risk.

There is no business or innovation happened in this world, without taking any risk. I am not supposed to say that when you have fear in your mind though go and start.

You should have proper planning to start something new, It may be a business, innovation or anything else. 

So do proper paperwork, take the resources which you have in your hand and then go for an action. Your resources should give you mileage for your business at least for 6 months.

Don't be overconfident about your idea, think pros and cons then move with the action plan. 

These steps will definitely help you to move confidently. All the best.


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