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Bacterial Vaginosis : Why again?

Suffering from bacterial vaginosis for 3 years. I don’t understand why it occurring repeatedly. And also I heard that consuming more antibiotics will lead to bacterial vaginosis. Please tell me, about this infection and why it occurs?

Thanks for writing to us; it is a very common infection. Actually, both the good and bad bacteria live in your vigina. What upsets you is the balance between them. Sometimes you may have symptoms and sometimes you won’t find any. What you need to know is bacterial vaginosis won’t create other health issues, but if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant then it leads to health problems.

Coming to your case bad bacteria dominating the good bacteria, that’s the reason to occur this infection. In detail, if your immune system is at downfall or your nutrition levels are low and if your hemoglobin levels are getting down then you will be supposed to get bacterial vaginosis. If you are repeatedly cleaning your vagina with water infection will occur. Because repeatedly washing your vagina will throw out the good bacteria. And you will discharge water which smells like fish water.

Through urine culture and swap examinations, you will get clarity on this. To cure this condition completing the medication course is very important. Maybe your infection will cure in three days, even you have to take a complete course of medication to prevent infection. And both the partners should take this course to get a better result. The couple who are sexually active those are more prone to have an infection. Please maintain hygiene. Meet your healthcare provider to get more details on this.


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