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I am overweight and Irregular periods?

Myself 25 years old women. I am in big worry of my overweight, and I got married two years before. My major issue to write to you is my periods are irregular, I thought overweight is the cause for this. Trying to reduce my weight for that I am doing physical activity daily. I'm stressed because of missing periods. Sometimes 15 days of delay is there, please give me a suggestion.

Thank you for writing to us, As you described your condition it could be a hormonal imbalance. Nowadays most of the women facing the same situation. According to your overweight, you have to observe the changes in your body like hair fall, black patches on your neck etc. If you find changes like this then you should consult your healthcare provider and ask them to diagnose PCOS.

There may be cysts in your ovaries. So go for an ultrasound scan and find the status of your condition, then you will rectify your problem. Remember there is only a temporary treatment is available for PCOS problem. The major drawback is your weight. So reduce your weight and check the hormonal imbalances. These are the very important factors in your condition.

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